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Perplexed by

If you’re using Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen a lot of these “dailies” pop up in your stream. Everybody with a particular interest in a particular topic seems to be publishing the “something something daily”, with a selection of news items picked up from selected accounts in their Twitter and/or Facebook stream. From the […]

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There’s a book for that: Abebooks’ room of literary oddities

No matter how strange the subject, someone has probably written a book about it. Why do I vomit? There’s a book about that. How to make your own sex toys? That too. A book on beer can collecting? Of course. And how could you not want a book of join-the-dots erotic pictures? Or a book […]

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It’s simple, really. I’d been thinking about creating a site where I could bring together everything I publish online – and what I’ve written and has been published online by others. In the sidebars on the right, you’ll find RSS feeds to all four of my blogs, as well as the feed for Palate Press, […]

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