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Our Mountains Are Still There

Sweetness, if you came back to me I would welcome you into my arms And inside my heart It would be a simple thing to do Because you never left them Even though you went away Your roots and seeds Fully into my earth Pollens in my breath Long blades of copper-coloured grass resting on […]

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The snow can be many things

Light flakes dancing in the breeze playfully falling to become a pretty white sprinkling on drowsy lawns Preparing for winter sleep   Lace over the body of the forest Socks on its feet   The stuff of sport and recreation playfights and shoveling   A nuisance Making your eyes water Whipping your cheeks Allying with […]

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Coming Back In Waves

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Well, maybe not always: some things can leave you permanently weaker. But most times, I’m sure, going to hell and back may well make you stronger (and happier) than you originally were. You get renewal, if nothing else: another season starts, like spring after winter, the daylight gets brighter […]

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We’re together

  “We’re together.” It’s funny how, when two people are in a relationship, this is mostly said as an almost non-commital expression. You’re not married, you’re not saying it’s forever, you could be just hanging out for a while. We find it much more exciting to say “I am yours” or “you are mine”, somehow, […]

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Toronto City Hall: an Instagram study in light

Back in January, when I spent a couple of days in Toronto, I wound up with a great view of Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square from my hotel room window. And as I came back to the room at different times of day and night, I took a series of pictures of the […]

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Think Different: Read the Arts & Letters Daily

To me, this is one of the most dangerous web sites around. It threatens to swallow me whole regularly, when I go back to its text-only succession of short paragraphs, set into three columns. Doesn’t sound terribly exciting, when you describe it that way, right? Yet those tiny paragraphs are terrific teasers, wonderful windows into […]

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